Surgery FAQs

What if after surgery, the saline rinse will not go very far into the nasal cavity or does not come out of the nasal cavity?
This can be normal after surgery due to blockage of the nasal cavity by the stents or due to inflammation.  Just be very gentle and do not focus on rinses getting very far into the nose. 

What if I have a nosebleed or my nose is bleeding more than I feel that it should?
Moderate bleeding is normal after surgery, but if the bleeding is excessive, you can use afrin (oxymetazoline) spray in the nose. Spray 2-3 times in the side that is bleeding and if not improving in 20 minutes, you can repeat this.  If still struggling with excessive bleeding, please call the office.

Can I lay flat to sleep after surgery?
Although it can be helpful to sleep with your head elevated as this helps decrease congestion, you can sleep flat. 

When can I start using ibuprofen or naproxen?
Usually, Dr. Killian has you wait 3-4 days after surgery or until after the bleeding from your nose has stopped. 

Do I have to continue wearing the gauze pad under my nose?
No, you can stop using it at any time and gently dab at your nose as needed.

When can I travel after surgery?
You should be able to travel after your first post op visit, which is usually 6-8 days after your procedure.